Responsive desinging is one of the latest trend while development of ecommerce website for any business as it support and adjust the design as per the screen and device resolution. 53% of traffic and genuine visitors are on Mobile & smart devices. Dont ignore the estore desiging features.

  • Responsive design themes – Android, Iphones, Windows, Blackberry
  • Multi-level category fly out menus
  • Integrate your existing design
  • HTML and CSS editable in browser
  • HTML and CSS editable via WebDAV & FTP
  • Static website text editable using your mouse
  • Email templates editable from control panel
  • Works in all popular web browsers
  • Web-based control panel
  • Template comparison (diff) tool
  • Homepage carousel builder to easily highlight products and promotions
  • Standard or theme-specific social media icons

Images, Media and other designs

  • Unlimited Photo upload
  • Add photos from local computer or a website
  • Homepage carousel highlights your product images
  • Automatically generated image listing for product pages
  • Photo thumbnails on product pages
  • Super Zoom instant photo zooming
  • Thumbnail photos created automatically
  • Upload dozens of images at once – Select all option
  • Popup/light box window for large images
  • Per-image alt text and description for SEO

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Using the CMS and Back Office, Manager can mangage the complete back office operations.

    • Full content management system functionality
    • 100% browser based
    • Webpage publishing
    • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
    • Page dropdown/pop out menus
    • SEO-friendly pages
    • Category restriction by user
    • Content publishable from RSS
    • Contact forms (responses sent via email)
    • Category reassignment for products when deleting categories
    • Built-in blog & Management
    • Tree view category management
    • Drag and drop category assignment
    • Banners and promotions
    • Catalogue Management
    • Product Management
    • Base Inventory management
    • Order Management
    • Customer Management
    • Static Content Management
    • Prices and cost Management
    • Review and Rating Management
    • Coupon and discount Management
    • Deals and offers management
    • Menu management
    • Category / Sub category management
    • Brand management
    • Design and Theme Management
    • Ads Management on website
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Content Management System or CMS- is the main admin section from where you manage teh complete website & operations like product, order, customer, payment, shipping, feedback etc. Robust an detailed developed CMS will all features are backbone and base of any ecommerce website.

Product Uplaod and features in ecommerce

  • Product all possible details, attributes, Characteristics & description
  • Category, Sub Category, Sub Sub Category etc
  • Multiple Images & Zoom+ Super Zoom or Popup
  • Product size, color, brand, stock, offer , deal, discount, bundle buy logics
  • Product ID, SKU, EAN, Barcode,
  • Product Tagging & Related Products
  • Rate , Review & Customer Feedbacks
  • Product Compare
  • Product manual & PDF & Papers – Download
  • Payment Modes & Options
  • Shipping T&C: Return, Refund & Disclaimer
  • Coupon, discount (% & value wise) Implementation
  • Tax , Prices , Discount & Inventory, upsell, cross sell
  • Brand, manufacture, Special Terms, social plugins
  • Product bundles with item-level inventory automation and custom rules
  • Options don't count towards product limit
  • Rules to adjust price, weight, photo and stock, eg charging extra for larger sizes
  • Option assignment to multiple products
  • Addition, subtraction or fixed price for each option
  • Addition, subtraction or fixed weight for each option
  • Configurable display order for product options – Product Sorting
  • Inventory tracking per option
  • Out-of-stock settings at the option level
  • Low stock level for each option
  • Paging for product option editing
  • Specific options can be disabled for purchase
  • Option selection requirement before purchasing
  • Re-order function preserves product options
  • Options displayed with order and on invoice
  • Option set-level price rules , set-level weight rules, set-level availability rules
  • Bulk application of option set to multiple products
  • Option field types: checkbox, date picker, file upload, text field, multiline text field, number field, product list, color swatch, texture swatch, and rectangle
  • Bulk update of option values per product via CSV

Shopping Cart customization & Logics in ecommerce

  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Instant Add suggestive cart popup
  • Single page checkout
  • Support for pre-orders
  • Minimum and maximum product quantities
  • Basic shipping quote estimates
  • Guest checkout option
  • Refunds and store credits
  • Custom checkout form fields
  • Delivery/event dates
  • Order tracking links sent automatically via email
  • Order confirmation emails
  • Terms agreement
  • Multiple items can be added to cart
  • Order shipments
  • Order messaging system
  • Saved order data for quick re-orders
  • Maintenance mode
  • Support for custom starting order numbers

Customized product search filters

  • Search by keyword, Brand, model, name etc
  • Sort filters – Price, relevance
  • Search filters – Brand, Price range, Features , seller etc

Customer Management

  • Customer details, Profiles, Type, list, customer group
  • Customer Profile & wish list
  • Customer orders, order history & interests
  • Customer moderations
  • Notification of Recent added but not purchased products
  • Post sales – customer Feedback request on product or seller

Order Management

  • Order – Search/ View / Edit / Process / cancel / Update
  • Order – Return / Refund updating, tracking
  • Order – Cancellation logics with time frame & Final dispatch manifest
  • Printed Format Invoices generations
  • Auto Emails to customer at all stages ,
  • Order archiving & sorting

Reports Management - eCommerce

  • Sales Reports - Order Reports - Customer Reports
  • Tax Reports – Shipping Reports-
  • Product Reports – All , Return , Refund, Stock , Listed, Category wise etc
  • Product viewed Reports by customer & keywords seach
  • Google Analytics & webmaster Reports

Shipping Management & API Integration

  • Shipping API integration
  • Shipping tracking
  • Custom Shipping logic by location, weight and products

Tax & Other charges Management

  • Full support for geographic tax zones
  • Multiple classes
  • State-based tax zones , Country-based tax zones , Unlimited tax rates & zones
  • Prices inc/ex tax
  • lat tax option
  • Tax class display in store
  • Tax shown on invoices, etc.
  • Flexible tax rules and flow
  • Sales tax report by date
  • Support for selling locally, nationally or internationally

Bulk Upload & Features

  • Bulk export/re-import for thousands of items
  • Imported products review for quality control
  • Easy importation of existing products
  • Extremely flexible import system

Hosting, Email support & Maintinance

  • Level 1 certified PCI compliant
  • Enterprise-grade network architecture
  • Over 1,000 Gbps of connectivity
  • SAS 70 Type II certified data center
  • Content delivery network for lightning-fast loading speeds
  • Three distinct and redundant networks
  • Hacker-deterrent security provisioning
  • Biometric security system with badge access
  • Digital security video surveillance
  • Multiple public peers
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • The ability to buy your own SSL certificate

Quick inbuilt features of ecommerce

  • Website Testimonials
  • Products testimonials or review
  • One page checkout shopping cart & Guest Account
  • Registration via Facebook / Twitter
  • Social plugins for sharing – Facebook & twitter
  • Recent View Items
  • Top Selling, New, Hot Selling, Latest product strip on home page
  • Brand or 3rd party Ads on home or other pages
  • News Letter Subscribers
  • Bulk email services
  • All Static pages – About, Policies, FAQ, T&C, Disclaimer etc

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eCommerce Website Costing Parameters

  • Type of Design
  • Type of website : B2B, B2C, Market Place & Retail
  • Your product, Cart customization, Order & investory Maagement system
  • 3rd party API like Payment Gateway, Shipping API, Chat services, Rate & Review etc
  • Delivery Time & Technology selection - PHP/ Magento / Joomla / Shopify etc

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